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Privacy and Legal Framework

The Network for Excellence of the Flag of Towns and Cities for All (Townsandcities from now on) is a website created by the Design for All Foundation.

The present General Conditions regulate all the services offered by the Design for All Foundation through the Townsandcities: both the User's participation in enriching the information that is shown through all the means that have been made available to them (comments, forums, requests, transmission of all types of archives - pictures, videos, audio recordings o any other material- and any other that keeps adding up), and the use of this information by the users.       

Accessing this page implies the knowledge and acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

1. Ownership of the Web

The names of the domains “”, “” and “”, all of the redirected to the site “”,  is registered in favour of the ”Design for All Foundation”, with Company Tax Code G62751896 y and social address at  Avenida Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 13-27, Recinto del Poble Espanyol, Post box 97, 08038 Barcelona, Spain. Contact phone number + 34 93 470 51 18.

2. Intellectual Property of the Web

All intellectual property rights of this portal and its graphic design are exclusive property of the Design for All Foundation or a third party that has authorized or handed over the use of these contents to the Townsandcities, which is the one responsible for the exercise of the exploitation rights of the same.

3. Web Content and Links

The creators and administrators of Townsandcities will not be hold responsible of the bad use of the contents of the web, it being the exclusive responsibility of the person that access them or uses them.

The Foundation does not assume either any responsibility for the information contained in the webs of third parties to which one can access through the links. The presence of these links has an informative aim and do not constitute in any case an invitation to the hiring of products or services offered in the destination we

In the case of the administrators of Townsandcities become effectively aware that the activity or the information sent from these links is illicit, constitutes a crime, or can harm assets or rights of a third party capable of compensation, will carry out the necessary proceedings in order to delete or disable the corresponding link as soon as possible.

4. Update and Modification of the Web

The administrator of Townsandcities reserves the right to update, modify or delete the information contained in his website, as well as its configuration or display, at any time, without notice and without holding any responsibility by doing so.

5. Instructions on Technical Aspects

The creators and administrators of Townsandcities do not take any responsibility that may originate due to technical problems or errors in the computer equipments that cannot be attributed to Townsandcities, that occur during the connection to the internet, or that may be caused by a third party via unlawful interferences out of their control. 

From Townandcities there cannot be a guarantee of a free virus environment or the lack of existence of other elements that may harm the computer systems, electronic documents or the User's files in this web or the web of a third party, and thus, does not hold responsible for the damage that can be caused because of these reasons.

They are also exempt from any responsibility in front of possible damage or harm that the User may suffer as a consequence of mistakes, faults or omissions in the information it provides that comes from third party sources. 

This Website is designed as an easy to use experience, and follows the recommendations of the W3C, consortium that defines the standards XHTML y CSS2, according to what it is described in the accessibility section.

6. Treatment of personal details of the User

Without prejudice of the information stated in each of the web formularies, when the user provides their personal information they are expressly authorizing the administrators of the Townsandcities, which are the ultimate effective owner of the data of personal nature, to an automatic treatment of these personal date for the objectives indicated in the same formularies.

Townsandcities can incorporate the data provided by the user in a file of the user's ownership and will not give away or communicate to third party the data collected without the user's consent. The user will be able to exercise his or her rights of access, modification, cancellation or opposition, via a written communication to the mail address (that is included in the first section) or via the Design for All Foundation email address ( The information received in the Townandcities will be used at all times with due confidentiality and secrecy, taking technical and organizational measures to be able to guarantee the security of the data provided and avoid its alteration, loss or non-authorized access. Such duties of confidentiality will remain even after the commercial relationship has ended. 

Likewise, the user will guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal data provided, and commits to keep these properly updated. The Design for All Foundation will never sell or use these data for their exploitation or commercial use.

7. User's Name

In order to use some of the services provided in the web of the Townsandcities, the User can opt for uploading content in an anonymous way, providing an email address, or otherwise needs to be identified through his or her user's name, (from now on "User Name"). This will allow him or her to participate and give their opinion about the information displayed, suggest or write new information or get access to the internal part of the web if they are registered, amongst other possibilities. The User will not be able to choose as a Name of user rude or slanderous words or expressions, words that coincide with brands and commercial names, the signage of facilities, other people's names or famous people or public figure's nicknames for the use of which have not been authorized, and, in general, that go against the law or moral standards and good manners generally accepted. The User will have to provide Design for All Foundation a valid email address. In the case that the User does not introduce in the formulaire either his or her Name or User or gives a non-valid email address, they will not be able to make use of the services of Townsandcities, since both files are compulsory.

Without the email, the User will not be able to recover his or her password if this has been forgotten. Despite this, they can contact the administrator of the Townsandcities to include a new email address to their personal data. The email address can be deleted by the User at any moment. The email address can be used by the la Design for All Foundation to communicate with the user at big scale.

The acceptance of the User Name is done automatically and the only criterion taken into account is the existence of a previously assigned User Name that is exact to the one chosen by the new User. However, the Design for All Foundation keeps the right to delete those User Names that are contrary to what has been explained previously, or when it so considers.

If the User has signed in, he or she will be identified with their User Name. If they have not signed in, they will be identified by their IP. This is made up of a series of four or six numbers that identify the internet address from which they have made the connection to the Townsandcities. This number could be tracked down to an internet provider or even to the exact User's location, if necessary. 

When the User uses a nickname, their IP address will not be available to the public, with the exception of those cases of abuse, including vandalism of the page by the User or someone with the same IP as the User's. In any case, the IP address will remain stored in the Townsandcities servers and will be visualized by the server administrators.

The User commits to make a correct use of his or her password and User Name.

The user will be hold responsible for all the actions undertaken under his or her password and User Name, including the responsibility to choose strong passwords.

The User commits to sign out of his or her session when they are done.


8. Conditions of Use of the Service

The user agrees and bears in mind that in the services of social participation of Townsandcities there cannot be accepted advertisement, chains of email messages o any other publicity material. By using Townsandcities, the User manifests his or her consent to these General Conditions, committing to use in an appropriate manner and not to use them to send message that slander or insult, or that contain false information, that is inappropriate, abusive, harmful, pornographic, threatening, and harms the public and/or private image of a third party or for any reason breaks the law. 

The administrators of Townsandcities will be able to limit, in the measure as it learns of it, the access to the web of opinions, information, comments, images and, in general, any type of material that violates what has been established in this clause 8. Townsandcities will reserve the right to install if so it is considered by the administrator, filters in order to avoid the entrance in the network of opinions and contents that may be considered slanderous, racists, sexist, xenophobic, discriminatory, pornographic, violent or that are, in any way, contrary to the moral order, public order or good manners, or are clearly unlawful.

According to what has been previously established, the administrators of Townsandcities have the right to withdraw the contents that are allegedly or openly illicit, by their own criteria or by the competent authorities. Such suspension or withdrawal will not give in any case right to a compensation. 

9. Responsibility

Any User that contributes to the creation or improvement of the information contained in Townsandcities accepts the publication of this content. Anything that is been written will remain stored in the server of the Design for All Foundation.

The User will respond to the Design for All Foundation, administrator of the Web of Townsandcities, in case of proven failure to keeping with any of the obligations to which he or she is submitted by law and by the present General Conditions as regards the user of the services.

The User will respond and will leave undamaged the Design for All Foundation for the damages that, originated by the failure to keep these obligations, could cause to others.

As soon as the administrators of Townsandcities become acquainted with information of the incorrect use of the services of the Web of Townsandcities that is contrary to what is exposed in the General Conditions, the Design for All Foundation will be allowed to suspend the user without the need of a previous notification, and the Design for All Foundation will keep the right to take the legal actions it considers appropriate.

10. On the Services and Operation of the Web

The Design for All Foundation does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the working of the services. When it is reasonably possible, the Foundation will previously announce the interruptions of the working of the services of the web.

The Foundation will not assume the responsibility for any damage or harm of any nature that may originate from the lack of availability or continuity of the operating capacity of the web, and the temporary limitation to the access of the different webpages of Townsandcities. The Design for All Foundation will at any given time suspend temporary or definitely some section or service of the website.

11. Exclusion of guarantees and exoneration of responsibility for the user of the Services by the Users

The Design for All Foundation cannot guarantee the correct use of the Services by the Users and that they will make use of the Web in conformity to these General Conditions, nor can the Foundation assure they will use the Web in a diligent manner. The Design for All Foundation does not have the obligation to verify the User's identity, or the truthfulness, validity and/or authenticity of the data the Users provide about themselves.

12. Townsandcities License

The User declares to have read the terms and conditions of the license of copy and distribution that the Design for All Foundation gives to third parties about the publications of the Townsandcities. The User accepts and expressly authorizes the Design for All Foundation to distribute the comments and opinions that are made in any of the Services, under these same terms and conditions.

13. Files sent by the Users

Townsandcities offers to the readers and User the possibility of sending pictures, videos, audio recordings or any type of files (from now on "Files") to incorporate them to the sections of Townsandcities. The publication of these Files is subject to the following terms and conditions, the fulfillment of which the User is the only and exclusive responsible one. 

  1. The User that sends the Files declares and guarantees to be the legitimate owner of he same and, thus, declares he or she has the lawful right to hand over to the Design for All Foundation the intellectual property rights on the Files. In case of him or her not being the owner, it is the User’s responsibility to specify in the article the authorship and ownership of the content or file he or she is uploading, so that the author of the same is acknowledged, and if this material is copyright protected, the user will need to proof that he or she have the authorization to use this content on behalf of the author and/or owner. The User will be the only  one responsible, and will exonerate the Design for All Foundation of any lawsuit or non legal claim that, by failing to comply with this guarantee, could be raised by a third party in the future.
  2. The User hands over to the Design for All Foundation, with a non-exclusive character and during all the time allowed by law, all the rights of copy, distribution, transformation and public communication on the File for their use in all the exploitation modalities that exist in the moment of the handover.
  3. The Files object of handover cannot contain obscene or pornographic elements. In the same fashion, the Files cannot contain images or information that entail the infringement of the rights of a third party and, in particular, of their honor, privacy or own image. Files that call for violence, racism, sexism, homophobia or that contains insults or slanderous opinions will not be able to be transferred.
  4. The User knows that the dissemination and publication of the editions in digital format is done by the terms and conditions described in section 14 of the present document. The User expressly accepts that the Files provided in the web of the Townsandcities and, consequently, disseminated and published, are so in conformity to these terms and conditions.
  5. Given the volume of Files that are handed over to the Design for All Foundation by the Users, and in application of the regime of responsibility regulated by the Law 34/2002 of the Services of the Society of Information and Electronic Trade, the Design for All Foundation will not be held responsible for the information or Files sent by the User when the Foundation has not an effective knowledge that the stored information is unlawful or damages assets and rights of a third party susceptible of compensation. Despite what has been previously described, the very moment the Design for All Foundation has effective knowledge that the Townsandcities contains data as the ones previously referred to or violate that which is contained in the General Conditions, commits itself to act with diligence to withdraw or make it impossible to access the same contents.

14. Conditions of copy and distribution

The Design for All Foundation, in its web, has decided to take the license: Creative Commons - Acknowledgment - Non-commercial - Share Equal, in all the content that does not explicitly expresses the author’s prohibition or disagreement in sharing the content. According to the Creative Commons license, any user of Townsandcities is authorized to:

  • Copy, distribute and publicly communicate our Network.
  • To created derived websites.

Under the following conditions:

  • Acknowledgement: It has to acknowledge and quote the author that appears as such in the content, and in case of it being a webpage, to link to the original URL.
  • Non-commercial: The exploitation of the work is limited to non-commercial aims.
  • Share Equal: If the content is modified or changed, or the appearance of the Townsandcities website is modified,  the generated web can only be distributed under a similar license to this one.

15. Legislation and applicable jurisdiction

On a general nature, the relationship with the users that originates from providing the services contained in this web is subject to the Spanish legislation and jurisdiction.

The Users of this web are aware of all the terms and conditions exposed here and accept them freely.


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