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Now you can surf Iki-boutique in any language. Many new items are available!

Iki-boutique is pleased to expand its collection Design for All and welcome to the team new designers and their creations.

Your shopping contributes to sustain the foundation’s activities!.


- Trígonos: The Trígonos construction toy collection grows. Check out the new Maxi Trígonos model.

- Easy-plast: Thermal Plastic modeling. Recyclable and non-toxic, it is perfect for all your crafts indoors and outdoors.

- Jan Ecosystems: modular planter collection and environmentally responsible. Perfect for indoor vertical gardens for your outdoors and for your urban gardens.

- Signes des senses and his book collection and games to mimic.

- ClipLie: construction kit made with organic fabrics.

- Conso 3D: With the pen 3d, discover a new way to express your creativity. Thereof is provided with a wide range of coloured refills.

- photoAlquimia: A meeting between the table art and poetry. Follower of slow design photoAlquimia offers its collection of arts inclusive table and eco-friendly.

- Kolormondo: A fun and educational tool for learning and explain the colour in all its dimensions!

- Skoog: Speaks through music. Skoog is a range of instruments gathered in a cube. With its software Skoog fits to the musician and allows him to evolve and progress. Play with the mixer, save your composition, add your voice and save your preferences no matter wherever you are.

Discover and test the Iki-boutique products at the forum Urbaccess the 22 and 23 March in Paris - Porte de Versailles

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