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The Swedish city of Östersund has win for the second time the "Flag of Cities and Destinations for All 2015"

The city of Östersund was awarded for the second consecutive year with the "Flag of Cities and Destinations for All 2015" and reaching a record again, because their investment in actions and projects of Design for All in 2014 was the 33.95% of the investment budget.

Among the actions undertaken in 2014 include:

- The retrofitting of the old grammar school Wargentin built in XIXth century. A new building for the upper secondary school with classrooms, adequate space and tools, as well as special program for students with cognitive disabilities has been an ongoing project for several years.

- The construction of the new media center in the Ski Stadium will have the mission to be a conference centre for citizens and visitors to Östersund. The project includes the highest level of accessibility and usability for all.

- Renewal of the promenade along the lakeside Storsjön located in the city center, with accessibility and safety measures, such as improving the ride and repair firm, installing benches and improved lighting with an artistic design.

In addition, as every year, the city of Östersund allocated 1 million SK to remove obstacles in public spaces, to give added value to its inhabitants and visitors such as:

- Adaptations of pedestrian crossings.

- The coating in hiking paths.

- Improving the lighting in public places.

- Installing handrails and benches.

The Flag awarding ceremony took place in the City Council at the meeting of the Executive Council of the City. During the event Francesc Aragall commented the importance of the city’s Design for All Strategic Plan and the need to continue working for respect to diversity of all citizens.

Pictured: Ms. Inger Persson, deputy chair, Advisory Council for the Disabled, Mr. Anders Edvinsson, deputy chair of the City Executive Board and Mr. Francesc Aragall, president of the Design for All Foundation

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